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Junior Fellows 2013-2014

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Graduate Assistants


Darnel Harris | Events Coordinator

Darnel Harris has a B.A. in History from Glendon College and is currently enrolled in the joint MES/JD program at York University. His past involvement has included Glendon Model United Nations, and running for president of the Glendon College Student Union/Association Étudiante du Collège Glendon. In addition, Darnel is currently the Chair of the PSC Student Subcommittee, and a member of the York University Board of Governors. Finally, for the last two years, Darnel has served as co-president of Regenesis @ York.

Eric Assenpah | Events Coordinator

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SweeneyKimberly Sweeney | Events Coordinator

Kimberly is a second year Master’s student in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York and holds a BA from Trent University’s Indigenous Environmental Studies program. Her research focuses on environmental education and research methodologies within the context of bringing together Western and Indigenous epistemologies. Kimberly is the recipient of a SSHRC grant for her major research project which involves utilizing a ‘Western’ research methodology within an Indigenous paradigm to evaluate methods of integrating Indigenous knowledges into the public school board. She is an appointed member of the Kingston Environmental Advisory Forum, a mother, and a consultant for Trent University’s Indigenous Environmental Studies program.



Yvette Guo | Campus Sustainability Surveyor

Yvette is IRIS’s Campus Sustainability Surveyor, responsible for coordinating research tasks related to an electric charging feasibility project at York University. She has been involved in a diversity of research projects prior to coming to York U, where she is currently a Masters student at the Faculty of Environmental Studies specializing in urban planning. Yvette’s current research interest involves a nexus between culturally inclusive planning and green consumption. She received a B.Sc in Environmental Biology and B.A. in French at the University of British Columbia (UBC).


Work/Study Students

Aaron Savatti | Communications and Website Coordinator

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Asma Fiayaz

Asma Fiayaz | Communications and Website Coordinator

Asma Fiayaz is currently finishing up her B.Sc degree in Physical Geography at York University. Working with IRIS this past year provided her the opportunity to work first hand in a sustainability driven research centre and learn more about important environmental issues. She assisted with several financial tasks throughout her time at IRIS while also providing support for major events including the Annual IRIS Survey and Earth Hour Symposium. Her time at IRIS was beyond exceptional because it reinforced the importance of sustainability and allowed her to expand her knowledge for a future career in sustainability and urban planning.



Hana Drdla | Communications and Website Coordinator

Hana is a forth year undergraduate Environmental Studies student at York University with an interest in green building and geographic information systems. She is working with IRIS to pursue her passion for sustainability and to engage York and the surrounding community members to be involved in environmentally focused initiatives.


Screenshot_2013-09-26-00-15-00Sabina Makhmud | Events Coordinator

Sabina Makhmud is a 3rd year undergraduate Communication Studies student. She is enthusiastic about being a part of IRIS and using her communication skills in order to make a difference. She is eager to contribute her knowledge to an amazing team of IRIS and to coordinate events such as the Speaker’s Series, Earth Hour, Focus on Sustainability Film Festival and many others. Sabina hopes to promote sustainability within campus and enable the faculty and students to use the resources and information available to them to make a change in their own life. She also encourages everyone involved because every effort counts to making a global difference.


wyndymWyndym Jubis-Hamluck | Graphic Designer

Wyndym Jubis-Hameluck completed her third year in the York University/ Sheridan College Bachelor of Design Honours Degree Program. She is so excited to have been selected to work with IRIS because she has always wanted to work for an organization that shares her values and objectives. Designing posters, reports, and invitations to different events is exactly what she hopes to be doing after graduation, and she is so excited to be able to develop her skills in such a welcoming and and creative environment. Even though her time at IRIS was short, she really gained insight into the roll of sustainability on campus, and now understands the importance of the organization to the entire York University Population.



TrevorIRIS Trevor Grosse| Trevor Grosse is in his 4th year of Global Political Studies (BA) at York University. As the President of the Undergraduate Political Science Council, Trevor has worked to collaborate with IRIS: particularly in the planning, promotion, and execution of the Focus on Sustainability Film Festival. Through his involvement, Trevor hopes to encourage community members to ask critical questions surrounding topics of the environment and sustainability; as well as, learning from IRIS initiatives. His research focuses are Comparative International Relations and Global Governance.