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Member Publications | 2010

Archived Content

Bazely, D.; Tanentzap, A.; Heaton, M.; Bales, G.; October 2010. "Impacts of white-tailed deer in the Mixed Wood Plains." Contribution to the Technical Report released supporting the Ecosystem Status and rends Report for Canada. Canadian Council of Resource Ministers.

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Cragg, W.; August 18 2010. “The Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Integrity Pacts as a Strategy for Combating Corruption in Nigeria’s Oil Rich Niger Delta Region”, with Uwa Idemundia and Brownyn Best,Public Administration and Development.

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Lipsig-Mummé, C.; July 4-7, 2010. “Responding to Climate Change: Work in a warming world and Canadian action- research”. ACSANZ Annual Conference (Association for Canadian Studies, Australia and New Zealand), Armidale, New South Wales.

Lipsig-Mummé, C.; October 19, 2010.“Climate Change and the World of Work: Adaptation, Response, Engagement’ Keynote, Université d`Ottawa Human Rights and Environmental Disruptions Lecture Series. Video-Conference

Lipsig-Mummé, C.; September 2010.“Can adapting the workplace mitigate greenhouse gas emissions significantly?”Invited Speaker to the National Executive Council, Canadian Union of Postalworkers.

Perkins, E.; 2010. “Equitable, Ecological Degrowth: Feminist Contributions” In Barcelona -Degrowth conference proceedings,

Perkins, E; February 27, 2010. “Public participation in watershed management: international practices for inclusiveness.” Physics and Chemistry of the Earth; article accepted.

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Saunders, R.; September 2010.“The Modern Face of Conflict Diamonds: Lessons from Zimbabwe”, paper presented (September 30) at the Pathfinder 2010 Conference, “Illegal Trade in Natural Resources: What can Brussels Do?”, Institute for Environmental Security, Brussels, Belgium.

Saunders, R.; November 2010. “Geographies of Fractured Power: Blood Diamonds, Security Politics and Zimbabwe’s Troubled Transition”, paper presented on the panel “Security and Terrorism”, African Studies Association 53rd Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

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