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Who’s Who

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As a York University-National University of Mongolia collaborative project, SWiM brought together faculty and students of each respective institution, as well as significant staff support and exchange.

  • N. Soninkhishig (Sonya)
    Professor in the Botany Department, Faculty of Biology, NUM
  • J. Jargal
    Director of the Steppe Forward Programme funded by Zoological Society of London and Whitley Foundation.
  • M. Tsogbadrakh
    Dean of the Faculty of Biology, NUM
  • B. Bayartogtokh
    Professor and Chair of the Zoology Department, Faculty of Biology, NUM
  • Joni Seager
    Dean of York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES).
  • Gail Fraser
    Professor in FES, York University
  • Dawn Bazely
    Biology Professor and Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability, York University.
  • Tungaa Johnstone
    Graduate Assistant for the SWiM project and graduate student in FES.
  • Jamie Pratt
    Graduate Assistant for the SWiM project and PhD student at York University.
  • Paul Marmer, Korice Moir, Roberta Hawkins
    Graduate students at York University.