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Campus Sustainability Blueprint

Archived Content

[photopress:Blueprint___September_18___title.jpg,full,alignright]Over the last few years, York University Graduate Assistants have been doing research on campus sustainability. Specifically, Nadine Gudtz, a PhD student in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, engaged a range of communities within and external to York University and actively made connections among these different stakeholders. The result is now available in our "IRIS: Campus Hub for Sustainability Research" report.

This report is, in essence, a progress report on the Campus Sustainability Blueprint Project – which aims to create a plan for sustainability at York University. The report moves the conversation about how to translate the “blueprint” into real world action forward, with examples from IRIS’ work. There is an evolving campus sustainability movement in North America, in which York University could and should position itself as a leader.

The report also describes the unique role that IRIS plays in providing an interdisciplinary space to house an on-going dialogue on sustainability, while presenting a framework that can be used to guide York University as it moves forward with its commitments to campus sustainability.

In fact, this “blueprint” is a living document. It is intended to offer a point of departure for debate and dialogue on how York University can work toward achieving campus sustainability. As an ongoing challenge, future versions of this document are envisioned as the sustainability conversations on campus move the process forward.