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bannerGas, Arctic Peoples, and Security (GAPS) is a fully endorsed International Polar Year (IPY) project and is funded through the Canadian and Norwegian IPY programs. As a multi-national, multi-disciplinary, and multi-year initiative, GAPS will examine the scope and range of human security in the Arctic. GAPS will specifically focus on the impacts of oil and gas activity on climate change and on Arctic peoples, in order to identify and document threats and coping strategies from multiple security perspectives (in both Arctic communities and among Arctic researchers). GAPS aims to deliver this knowledge in cooperation with Arctic communities, to other Arctic communities, and to the human security policy and academic communities.

By exploring the effects of oil and gas activity, and its interactions with climate change, on the human security of Arctic peoples, GAPS will further understanding and knowledge of 1) the science of climate change impacts and adaptation, and 2) the health and well-being of Northern communities.