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Junior Fellows Summer 2010

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Research at York (RAY) Student

Granaz Ghalehvand is a fourth year undergraduate Biomedical Science student. She is currently participating in the RAY program. The Research at York (RAY) program was created to enhance both the research culture of the University and the undergraduate student academic experience. Through the RAY program, eligible undergraduate students will have the opportunity to participate in research projects with faculty members and/or fellow students, while receiving compensation at a competitive rate. As part of the team at IRIS, she is also helping with updating the IRIS website. - See more at:


Third Year York/Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Design Degree Interns

Angelina Ramdin is a third year undergraduate Graphic Design student. She is currently participating in a graphic design internship which allows students to gain real work experience by working with clients in a professional environment. As part of the IRIS team, Angelina is developing an array of designs from multifaceted areas to aid IRIS visually. The two main designs are informational designs to visually organize the Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS) and to explain the break down of sustainability and how it is integrated into to the York University campus.

Wen Ma is a third year undergraduate student in York Sheridan Design Program. She has had a three weeks internship with IRIS program in York University. With design and visual analyzing skills, she helps to develop visual communication based on sustainability and social events. Her projects with IRIS including: designs for IRIS identity, IRIS online newsletter, IRIS online animated strategic plan and other communication print materials. By creating visual connection, the message of innovative research in sustainability can be better perceived, as well as increasing social motivation.

She has been participating artistically in multiple social events with various institutes including: Free-Trade Coffee Promotion with AGO, and Art, Action, Change project with York University, etc.. She likes to be involved in social actions by providing artistic solutions, so that abstract or complicate concept will be better understood. She believes the power of art and design can influence social awareness in a positive way.