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Environmental Management and Environmental Auditing

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Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and the Environmental Auditing Programs that support them are quickly becoming essential elements of business. The Jacques Whitford Training Institute and the Sustainable Enterprise Academy at the Schulich School of Business have collaborated to offer the following two professional training courses for management development towards improved environmental performance in business:

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Standards, Practices and Aspects
  • Environmental Auditing, Legislation and Other Canadian Requirements

Graduates completing both these courses will have the instruction necessary to satisfy the formal training requirements to become a Certified Environmental Auditor.

Attendees to these courses will learn:

  • the business case for EMS and Environmental Auditing;
  • how to design and manage an effective EMS;
  • the requirements of the ISO 14001 EMS Standard;
  • the role of Environmental Auditing in an EMS and corporate governance;
  • how to design and operate an effective audit program;
  • the requirements for auditor training and certification;
  • the linkages to risk management, cost reduction, innovation, supply-chain management and corporate sustainability.

For further course details see the Jacques Whitford Training Institute web site.