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International Summer Course in Green Building Design

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IRIS is working with the university to integrate green building principles into the curriculum and the campus environment. In 2008, IRIS facilitation led to a memorandum of understanding with the World Green Building Council (WGBC), which in turn led to the International Summer Course in Green Building Design, launched in summer 2009, with York International. The intention of the course is to foster literacy in green building strategies in an international context. The undergraduate course is offered through the Faculty of Environmental Studies(FES) by IRIS Core Faculty and Executive Board member Arlene Gould.

Now in its second year, the Summer 2010 course will have more spaces made available to FES students and be run at cost. The course continues to be open to multiple fields—remaining one of the few inter-disciplinary undergraduate courses at York University, and indeed nationally. The course also includes internships.  The course features unique interactive workshops, practice design methodologies and tools, collaboration, field trips and cross discipline design charrettes, guest lecturers from experts in green buildings, as well as some classes held at the LEED-Gold Earth Rangers Centre.

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