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Member Publications | 2013

Archived Content

Eberlein, B.; Abbott, K.; Black, J.; Meidinger, E.; Wood, S.; 2013. “Introduction: Transnational Business Governance Interactions: Conceptualization and Framework for Analysis.”

Embleton, V.S.; Uritescu, D.; Wheeler, E.; 2013. “Defining Dialect Regions with Interpretations: Advancing the Multidimensional Scaling Approach.”

Henriques I.; Husted, B.W.; Montiel, I.; 2013. “Spillover effects of voluntary environmental programs on greenhouse gas emissions: Lessons from Mexico.”

Luduc, T.; 2013. “Ancestral Climate Wisdom: Return to a Thoughtful Etiquette.”

Luduc, T.; Crate, S.; 2013. “Reflexive Shifts in Climate Research and Education: Towards Re-localizing Our Lives.”

Perkins, P.E.; 2013. “Water and Climate Change in Africa: Challenges and Community Initiatives in Durban, Maputo and Nairobi.”

Perkins, P.E.; 2013. “Social diversity, globalization, and sustainability in community-based economies.”

Perkins, P.E.; Galvin, M.; Manjate, E.; Nojiyeza, S.; Lorimer, E.; Otieno, S.; Matavel, N.; Opiyo, R.; 2013. “Urban water management in Africa in times of climate change: the importance of public engagement.”

Sandberg, A.; Bocking, S.; Coates, C.; Cruikshank, K.; ”Urban Explorations: Environmental Histories of the Toronto Region.”

Sandberg, A.; Wekerle, G.; Gilbert, L.; 2013. “The Oak Ridges Moraine Battles: Development, Sprawl, and Nature Conservation in the Toronto Region.”

Zumbansen, P.; 2013. “Law and Legal Pluralism: Hybridity in Transnational Governance, in: Regulatory Hybridization in the Transnational Sphere.”

Publications in the TBGI Project Sub-Series of Osgoode Hall Law School/Comparative Law and Political Economy Research Paper Series on the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN):

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