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IRIS Project Publications

Bazely, D.R.; Hoogensen, G.; Tanenrzap, A.J.; Williams, P.A.; 2009. Invasive Plant Science and Management 2(2):99-109. “A Human Security Framework for the Management of Invasive Nonindigenous Plants.”

Bazely, R.D.; Royle, A.; Tagliavia, C.; 2009. “The Value of the Keele Campus Urban Forest.” Based on the USDA’s Urban Forest Effects Model – UFORE.

Dubreuil, A.; Dagenais, L.; Gascon, C.; Heath, M.; Jaramillo, I.; Morris, T.; Ouellette, H.; 2009. “Examining Campus Food Sustainability at York University.”

Dubreuil, A.; Gudz, N.; Morris, T.; September 2009.  A YORKW!SE Project. “IRIS: Campus Hub for Sustainability Research.”

Esseltine, A.; Heath, M.; Ghalehvand, G.; Ouellette, H.; Rengan, G.; Srinivasan, S.; Poobathy, S.; Popova, N.; Camponeschi, C.; 2009/2010.“Examining Campus Waste through Strategic Waste Education and Elimination Project (SWEEP)”

Klenk, N.; R., Dawn; Ellie Perkins, P.; April 16-17, 2009.“How will Disenfranchised Peoples Adapt to Climate Change? Strengthening the Ecojustice Movement.”Report of the First International Justice Conference.