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Project Results

Archived Content

The key achievements:

  • Building the NUM-York relationship
    Built upon the collaborative partnership between researchers and activists at York University and NUM (including the Water Research Centre and the Steppe Forward Programme).
  • Participatory research in Little Gobi
    Conducted participatory research highlighting significant water-related issues in the Gobi desert, producing a list of recommendations from community members to improve environmental governance capacity.
  • Promoted IWRM
    Promoted dialogue on IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) and the social, environmental and economic aspects of water governance, especially from a gender perspective, through a series of workshops, development of academic resources, and on-going discussions.
  • Experience sharing among students
    Shared experiences and reciprocal learning among graduate students (with diverse backgrounds) from both universities through workshops and discussions about water governance issues.
  • Future collaboration opportunities
    Future water-related research opportunities emerged, including a study to determine the effects of current livestock grazing regimes on vegetation dynamics in the Gobi desert.