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Engagement and Volunteerism

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Volunteerism and Engagement Survey

Since 2006, IRIS has conducted annual campus sustainability-related surveys. The first IRIS survey asked the York community about their thoughts on climate change. The results of the survey led to the introduction of carbon neutral course kits, a first for Canadian postsecondary institutions. Other surveys have focused on the York community’s opinion on campus food offerings, and their thoughts, behaviours, and attitudes surrounding campus waste.

This year, IRIS is proud to launch its fourth annual survey, which addresses volunteerism and engagement on campus. The theme developed from an Open Space event held during Earth Hour 2010, where members of the community expressed a desire to explore campus volunteerism and engagement as a means to improve campus sustainability. As such, the goal of this year’s survey is to establish the York community’s core values, interests, and engagement with campus groups so that on-campus initiatives can be designed according to the community’s interests and participation preferences.

Engagement Report 2011

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