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On-Line Course in Emissions Trading

Archived Content

This on-line course provides a comprehensive explanation of the principles and dynamics of emissions trading and helps participants understand the issues pertinent to the design of an emissions trading program. The course also covers the circumstances under which emissions trading works best and advantages that emissions trading mechanisms can offer.

This course was developed by IRIS for the Earth Council Learning Center (formerly found at The Earth Council is an international non-governmental organization that was created in September 1992 to promote and advance the implementation of the agreements arising from the Rio Earth Summit on Sustainable Development. As an initiative of the Earth Council, the Earth Council Learning Center provides on-line courses by some of the world’s leading academics in the disciplines of economics, sustainability and climate change. See the Earth Council website for more information, or to register for the course.

This on-line course in emissions trading was developed by IRIS Research Fellow Seema Khanna, IRIS Associated Fellow Erik Haites and IRIS Executive Faculty Member Professor Peter Victor.

Note - IRIS does not offer this course. To sign up, please visit the Earth Council e-learning Website.