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IRIS consists of an extensive network of faculty, staff, students and affiliates from various disciplines and communities, all dedicated towards exploring sustainability-related issues at York and beyond through interdisciplinary research. Learn more about who is involved with IRIS and how to become a member, here.

Our Research Themes

Campus Sustainability Research

  • Annual Campus Sustainability Survey: IRIS has conducted annual campus sustainability surveys since 2007, each year emphasizing a different topic of sustainability on campus. The findings of these surveys are used to recommend changes to operations at York, which have in the past allowed the introduction of more sustainable practices on Campus. To become involved with the 2013-2014 survey, "Active Bystanders for the Environment", please see our volunteer section below. Take a look at past surveys here.
  • Campus Research: IRIS is linking students to staff and faculty with sustainability research opportunities on campus. The initiative will allow students to develop research skills and knowledge that will enhance their future career prospects. More information coming soon!


Donations to IRIS help support research projects that address the contemporary challenges of sustainability. York University's research community has a large scope and depth of expertise in sustainability and related issues. IRIS's unique research collaborations allow better understanding of our natural and social environments to create innovative solutions that promote sustainability. To donate, click here.


Volunteers are a crucial contribution to IRIS' team, and help much of IRIS' programming happen! There are several ways to get involved with IRIS' campus sustainability activities that vary in commitment, skills and interests. To discover more about current opportunities view our 2013-14 Student Opportunities Flyer or see the opportunities below.

Why Volunteer?StudentBrochure

Certificates: Receive recognition for active involvement with IRIS. Attend 5 seminars to receive a Certificate of  Participation, and volunteer 5 hours to earn a Certificate of Engagement. Junior Fellow Status can be earned by 20 hours of volunteerism with IRIS.

  • Research Projects:

Centre for Green Change: CGC’s and IRIS’s partnership to the Jane and Finch community is in effort to advance sustainable development in marginalized communities by encouraging leadership and environmental governance.

Work in a Warming World (W3): Looks at the impacts of climate change on work and employment.

Transnational Business Governance Interactions Project: Examines the competition and convergence among corporate social responsibility programs.

The Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN): Works with education, policy, and environmental organizations to create new models of teaching environmental sustainability within Canada and the world.

To view more of IRIS' research projects, see here

  • Sustainability Survey: Be part of IRIS' Campus Sustainability Survey team that surveys students, staff, and faculty. Help gather data, analyze the results, and write the report.
  • Blogging: Share your ideas about how to live a sustainable lifestyle with the York community, and help lead the campus to a greener future!
  • Engagement: Become involved in organizing and marketing IRIS events. Work to raise awareness within the York community about sustainability issues. See IRIS' events here.

Volunteer applications are accepted through the Career Centre, here.