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Member Publications | 2012

Archived Content

Andrea L. Smith, Nina Hewitt, Nicole Klenk, Dawn R. Bazely, Norman Yan, Stepan Wood, Irene Henriques, James I. MacLellan, Carla Lipsig-Mummé.; 2012. “Effects of climate change on the distribution of invasive alien species in Canada: a knowledge synthesis of range change projections in a warming world.”

Bondy, K.; Moon, J.; Matten, D.; “An institution of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in multi-national companies (MNCs): form and implications.”

Brammer, S.; Jackson, G.; Matten D.; 2012. “Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional Theory: New Perspectives on Private Governance.”

Crane, A.; 2013. “Modern slavery as a management practice: exploring the conditions and capabilities for human exploitation.” 

Dippo, D.; 2012. “Pre-Service Teaching and Pedagogies of Transformation.”

Embleton, S.; 2012. “Scholarships for Study in Canada.”

Embleton, S.; 2012. “Importance of Scholarships to International Education.”

Etcheverry, J.; 2012. “A sustainable deployment of photovoltaics: What is wrong with current policy and technology focus?

Fawcett, L.; 2012. “The Case of the Mimic Octupus: Agency and World Making.”

Fawcett, L.; 2012. “Three Degrees of Separation: Accounting for Naturecultures in Environmental Education Research Issues.”

Fawcett, L.; Russell, C.; 2012. "Moving Margins in Environmental Education Research.”

Figueiredo, P. and Perkins, E; 2012. “Women and water management in times of climate change: participatory and inclusive processes

Found, W.; Berbés-Blázquez, M.; 2012. “The Sugar Cane Landscape of the Caribbean Islands: Resilience and the Changing Plantation Social-Ecological System.”

Leary, A. L.; Perkins, E.; 2012. “International synergies to address climate change:  participatory community organizing in Toronto and the Baixada Fluminense, Brazil

Perez-Batres, L.A.; Miller, V.V.; Pisani, M.J.; Henriques I.; Renau-Sepulveda, J.A.; 2012. “Why do firms engage in national sustainability programs and transparent reporting? Evidence from Mexico’s Clean Industry Program.”

Perkins, P. E.; 2012. “Environmental activism and gender.”

Perkins, P. E.; 2012. “Social vulnerability and climate justice: community-based strategies for political engagement.“

Perkins, P. E.; Figueiredo, P.; 2012. “Women and water management in times of climate change.”

Perkins, P.E.; Leary, A. L. T.; 2012. “Climate justice partnership linking universities and community organizations in Toronto, Durban, Maputo, and Nairobi.”

Richardson, A.; 2012. “Merging the Profession: A Historical Perspective on Accounting Association Mergers in Canada.”

Smith, A.; 2012. “Review of federal and Ontario legislation on invasive alien
species prevention, early detection and rapid response.”

Wood, S.; Thompson, K.; 2012. “Transnational Voluntary Climate Change Initiatives for Local Governments: Key Variables, Drivers and Likely Effects.”

Wood, S.; 2012. “The International Organization for Standardization.”

Publications in the TBGI Project Sub-Series of Osgoode Hall Law School/Comparative Law and Political Economy Research Paper Series on the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN):