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Graduate Courses

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Sustainability-related graduate courses are offered at York across many faculties and departments. Please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies web site and the faculty course listings for detailed information and scheduling.

Faculty of Environmental Studies Courses

The Faculty of Environmental Studies is celebrated as the best individualized, interdisciplinary masters program in the world with a wide variety of sustainability related courses at the graduate level.

Faculty of Pure and Applied Science

York’s Faculty of Pure and Applied Science is one of Canada’s leading teaching and research institutions. The faculty is home to the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry and the department of Biology’s specialized program in Conservation Biology.

Faculty of Education

York’s Faculty of Education offers a diploma in Sustainability Education and is home to the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Teacher Education toward Sustainability (also see this page). Courses offered at present include:

  • EDUC 55920: Education for Sustainability
  • EDUC 5445: Education, Sustainability and the Ecological Crisis

Osgoode Hall Law School Graduate Courses

Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada’s largest law school, is also among the most respected law schools in the country. Sustainability-related graduate course offerings include the following at present:

  • LW 2880.03/ENVS 6164: Environmental Law
  • LW 4880.03: International Environmental Law

Philosophy Graduate Courses

The Philosophy Department offers a Diploma in Value Theory and Applied Ethics. Sample courses include:

  • Philosophy 5200 3.0: Theoretical Ethics
  • Philosophy 6490 3.0: Theory and Practice in Bioethics

Schulich School of Business Graduate Courses

The Schulich School of Business is ranked among the top business schools and is home to the Erivan K Haub Program in Business and Sustainability, the Gardiner Chair of Business Ethics, the Hewlett Packard Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility and the Sustainable Enterprise Academy. Sample MBA courses include:

  • BSUS 6500/ENVS 5113: Business Strategies for Sustainability
  • BSUS 6300/ENVS 6191: Management Practices for Sustainable Business
  • ECON 6170: Environmental Economics for Business
  • ETHC 6100/ ENVS 6110: Environmental Ethics Policy and Management
  • ACTG 6951: Accounting and Accountability for the New Economy
  • MKTG 6480: Not-for-Profit Marketing
  • ETHC 5510: Ethics and Social Responsibility in Management