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York Campus

  • President's Sustainability Council
    The President's Sustainability Council is an advisory body to the President with responsibility for providing input on York University's sustainability initiatives, projects, and practices. It is also a mechanism through which to support and enable York students, faculty and staff to participate meaningfully in the planning and implementation of York University's sustainability policies, initiatives, projects and practices.
  • Environmental Design and Sustainability
    Environmental Design and Sustainability unit is responsible for the planning, development and management of university infrastructure relative to the campus built, natural and human environments ensuring environmental, operational, social, safety and aesthetic objectives of the University are met.  This includes design and sustainability considerations for over 500 acres of land and woodlots, containing over 96 multi-use buildings, used by approximately 60,000 students, faculty and staff.
  • Sustainable Energy Initiative
    The Faculty of Environmental Studies Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) has been established to build and strengthen the teaching, research and partnerships needed to create new green energy economies in Canada and around the world. The initiative is focused on energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy sources and combined heat and power.
  • Ecologically Conscious Organization (ECO)
    ‘Greening outside the box’
    ECO aims to enable the York community to gain knowledge of current sustainability issues in our local environment. They strive to take a pro-active involvement in the community and aim for social activism related to environmental and social justice issues
  • NetImpact
    The Schulich chapter of the premiere business students' network, NetImpact is "dedicated to promoting responsible business and advancing social, environmental and economic sustainability."
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Club (CSR)
    CSRS aims to build CSR ideas and practices through education, promoting industry CSR practice, and finally providing students with the necessary skills to implement CSR in the business environment
  • Regenesis
    Regenesis is a grassroots environmental, social justice and humanitarian organization. We believe that a healthy planet and a healthy society are mutually dependent. Our ultimate goal is a fulfilling and sustainable living for all, so that our actions no longer tip the balance of the global ecosystem
  • Environmental Law Society
    ELS provides a forum for environmentally minded students to meet, opportunities for students to get involved in sustainable activities, and gain access to information about the law, careers, and events in the environmental field.
  • Maloca Community Garden
    Founded in 1999 by graduate students, Maloca is "maintained by diverse members of the York community including staff, faculty, alumni, friends, family and local residents as an unique community space on York campus."
  • York University Greens
    The Green Movement is based on timeless values: living respectfully, in dignity and harmony with the land, its creatures, and each other. York University Greens aims to build a world in which future generations and we will live in dignity, respect, and harmony with each other and the Earth.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Coalition
    The former SPC was a student-led network of organizations on campus that were passionate about the role of the university in building a sustainable society at the local and global level. Their intention was to help York operationalize its existing commitments to sustainability and social justice in an effective way.
  • Campus Planning & Sustainability
    Housed in the Facilities Services department, the Campus Planner is "concerned with the physical detail that affects the operational, environmental and aesthetic objectives of the University. Environmental sustainability is critical to those objectives so it serves to guide decision-making."
  • Healthy Food at York
    The organization’s mandate is to serve healthy, varied, affordable, vegetarian, socially just, ecologically conscious and locally produced food to students and community members.
  • Sierra Youth Coalition's Sustainable Campuses Initiative

Toronto area

  • City of Toronto Sustainability Programmes
  • Zerofootprint
    Based in Toronto, the Zerofootprint group of companies empowers communities, companies, and organizations to live ingeniously in a low carbon world. The web site hosts various tools to measure your carbon output.


  • Royal Botanical Gardens
    With 1,100 hectares and 30 kilometres of walking trails, the RBG is a major horticultural and nature site in southern Ontario, and offers many educational activities throughout the year.
  • Middle East Environmental Futures Project
    The program's central objective is to strengthen environmental policy decision making in Israel and Palestine. IRIS Executive member Stuart Schoenfeld is highly involved with this project.



Food and Farming

  • City Farmer
    Everything you need to know about growing food in the urban environment.
  • Sustain
    Sustain is "the alliance for better food and farming" and includes news, downloadable PDFs, and event calendars.

Informational Links

  • The Gstaad Project
    an open, online-based community aimed at bridging the gap between "we the people" of the world and the world's international organizations and intergovernmental entities.
  • Yale Environment 360
    an online magazine offering opinion, analysis, reporting and debate on global environmental issues. Published by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Yale University.
  • Grist
    an environmental news and commentary site based in Seattle, WA that attempts to "tell the untold stories, spotlight trends before they become trendy, and engage the apathetic."
  • HuffPo Green
    The award-winning internet newspaper's Green pages.
  • Dot Earth
    New York Times "reporter Andrew C. Revkin examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits. Conceived in part with support from a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Dot Earth tracks relevant news from suburbia to Siberia."
  • Ecogeek
    Specializes in writing about environmentally friendly technology
  • Environmental Graffiti
    News service and blog that provides news relevant to the green blogosphere
  • Inhabitat
    Articles on sustainable architecture, green living and green design
  • RealClimate: climate science from climate scientists
    "Commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists"
  • The Conscious Earth: environmental news from the Canadian front line
    A blog authored by the Communications Director of Ecojustice. Based in Toronto, Ontario.
  • TreeHugger
    A media outlet for sustainability-related news, solutions and product information
  • World Changing
    Produces visionary articles and serves as a source for forward thinking, solutions-based journalism on sustainability