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IRIS Sustainability Courses

  • IRIS works to include elements of sustainability into existing curricula and to create new curricula that take a broad approach to sustainability as a discipline or specifically focus on the application of sustainability to a particular subject matter. We have been working with other stakeholder groups at York University to develop continuing education courses in sustainability for various professional groups.
    • International Summer Course in Green Building Design - hosted by the Faculty of Environmental Studies, this course was founded by IRIS, with York International and the World Green Building Council. The course fosters literacy in green building strategies in an international context.

Other York Sustainability Learning Initiatives

York University is home to a wide variety of academic and other educational initiatives, including vocational and learning opportunities that address the many facets of sustainability.


  • YSTOP @ York"Urban and Rural Youth as Environmental Scientists" is a three-year program funded by the Ministry of Research and Innovation under its Youth Science and Technology Outreach Program.

Academic Courses Offered at York

  • Graduate Courses In this section, explore sustainability-related graduate courses offered at York from a variety of faculties including Environmental Studies, Political Science, Law, Philosophy and Business.
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies – known internationally for its undergraduate and graduate programs, this interdisciplinary faculty undertakes a broad range of sustainability research and learning activities.
  • York Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry – a leading air quality monitoring centre whose work is addressing some of the most pressing air pollution problems facing urban regions in all parts of the world.
  • Faculty of Education – housing the UNESCO chair in Education and Sustainability
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS)The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) brings together internationally recognized research, a devotion to effective teaching, and a commitment to diversity, equity and social justice. The range, global sensitivity and intensity of disciplinary and interdisciplinary degree programs are mirrored by the diversity and engagement of its professors and students. The Faculty is dedicated to furthering its already strong research and service cultures and ensuring that all its many researchers bring their scholarship into the classroom and out into the community. The Faculty is particularly sensitive to the aspirations of its constituent communities and the challenges those communities face. To sustain and renew the ideals and practices of the modern university, the Faculty draws upon its own vibrant tradition of self-examination and reflection. Committed to providing access to qualified applicants, including non-traditional and international students, the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies melds access and excellence.
  • Erivan K Haub Program in Business and Sustainability The Haub Program takes a genuinely interdisciplinary approach and maintains close ties with the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Osgoode Law School. The approach provides students, researchers and business partners with unique learning opportunities to integrate the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. The Program’s values are informed by innovative inquiry, continuous learning and multi-stakeholder collaboration consistent with the nature of the challenge of sustainability to business.

Affiliated Learning Initiatives

Past Vocational Courses