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Carbon Offsetting

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Carbon Report

IRIS in collaboration with the University Bookstore and Zerofootprint has seen the development of a carbon offset program for the production of University course kits. This project involved working with Bookstore management and the Administration of the University to change its purchasing policies to allow the University to purchase offsets from Zerofootprint. The program now falls under YORKW!SE, as can be seen by the poster for the program. This new program is one step on the road to reducing the footprint of York University.

YorkwiseThe second component of this project was to engage the York community to learn about this initiative and what else they think York should be doing about sustainability related issues. This involved surveying members of the York community over the winter and spring of 2008. The report outlines the results of this survey and some of the publicity associated with this initiative. View the Yfile story about the project.

Carbon Report