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IRIS consists of an extensive network of faculty, staff, affiliates, and fellow travelers, all dedicated towards exploring the full spectrum of sustainability-related issues at York and beyond. Moreover, York's collaborative and interdisciplinary research focus works through IRIS to enable York's researchers and external partners to push beyond traditional research methods and gain insights into the scientific, social, environmental, political and economic issues affecting our world.

As part of its mandate, IRIS maintains an "open-door" policy. Our executive includes faculty, staff, students, alumnae, and local community representatives. Core Faculty include colleagues who have, literally, been active in IRIS-led or co-sponsored research and events, while faculty who are affiliated with IRIS because they have a sustainability-aspect to their research, are Senior Fellows. Our Senior Fellows also include IRIS Post-Doctoral Fellows, staff that serve on our Executive, business associates and visiting researchers that are interested in Business and Sustainability. Our Junior Fellows are graduate and undergraduate students who get involved in some aspect of IRIS-funded or led research.

  • IRIS Executive
    Acts in an advisory and consultative capacity to direct IRIS activities
  • Staff
    The central administrative hub of IRIS
  • Core Faculty
    Faculty who undertake sustainability research and events with IRIS
  • Senior Fellows
    Other faculty, IRIS Post-Doctoral Fellows, associated York University staff, business associates and visiting fellows
  • Junior Fellows
    Graduate and undergraduate students involved in IRIS projects.

In addition to our Junior Fellows, students from various disciplines are encouraged to work collaboratively with IRIS and make use of its resources for both on-campus and off-campus sustainability projects.