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Rick Wallace

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rick-wallace* Senior Fellow, IRIS

* Director, Peacebuilding Consulting International

* Associate Lecturer, UN University for Peace (Costa Rica)


* Tel: +1-416-829-4928 *

* Email:

* Skype: Rick.Wallace1


Rick brings over 25 years of international and Canadian experience with specialized knowledge in community-driven peacebuilding, conflict resolution, multi-party negotiation, restorative justice, international human rights law and Indigenous Peoples rights. Rick is a former international humanitarian and development worker, community-based mediator, NGO coordinator, grassroots activist, researcher and university lecturer. He currently directs Peacebuilding Consulting International (PBCI).


o PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford (UK)

o LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Lund (Sweden),

o MA in Adult Education from OISE (Canada).

Research Interests:

My research and teaching examines three intertwining issues of power, knowledge and decolonizing peacebuilding.