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Claudio Colaguori

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Claudio Colaguori, Associate Professor is cross appointed to The Department of Equity Studies and the Department of Social Science. He is a sociologist whose teaching and research is framed by Critical Theory. His recent research includes a study of conflicting human rights and moral conservatism in Canadian anti-crime legislation. His current research examines the rise of new food movements and public attitudes about food, eating and nutritional health, all of which relate to food security and health policy in the urban West.  One theme in the study is framed as the “corporate colonization of the mouth” in relation to the threats posed to public health as a result of food deceptions. Recent books include: Agon Culture: Competition, Conflict and the Problem of Domination and Security, Life and Death: Governmentality and Biopower in the Post 9/11 Era.



Themes of interest:

-       shifting policies

-       social justice

-       campus sustainability


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