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Climate Change

Archived Content

  • Climate Justice and Water Management
    Climate Justice and Water Management project links university researchers with community-based NGOs conducting environmental education, and organizing participatory workshops in low-income African cities with pressing climate change and water-related problems. This project builds on proven methods of community-university collaboration to strengthen urban watershed governance and increase equity in public participation processes related to urban climate change adaptation.
  • Connecting four research solitudes: the impacts and implications of climate change for invasive species, biodiversity and society
    The interactive effects of climate change and invasive species are complex and highly changeable. We cannot afford to ignore them if we are to successfully manage and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Further delays in recognizing the interactive effects of climate change and invasives means that the harm that they cause to biodiversity, ecosystems, economies and societies across Canada, will continue to rise.
  • Work in a Warming World (W3)
    An international project which will study the challenge that climate change presents to Canadian employment and workplaces. The project will examine seven Canadian employment sectors to seek policy, training, employment and workplace solutions to effectively assist Canada’s transition to a low-emission economy.

Past Projects

  • Socio-Economic Considerations for Climate Change Adaptation in the Lake Simcoe Watershed
    This report roughly outlines a socio-economic perspective on climate change adaptation planning in the Lake Simcoe watershed.  It adopts a simple planning framework to discuss where socio-economic considerations enter into an analysis of climate change adaptation.  Examples are used throughout to explain concepts as discussed in the context of the Lake Simcoe watershed.  Recommendations are provided.
  • Campus Sustainability Survey: Carbon Offsetting | 2006-2008
    During 2006-2008, IRIS, in collaboration with the University Bookstore and Zerofootprint, worked to have all the course kits offset. This program is now part of YORKW!SE. We also issued a report on students attitudes about offsetting and climate change.