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IRIS Senior Fellow Peter Victor inducted into the Club of Rome

Published January 8, 2014

by hdrdla

Last month, YFile featured Faculty of Environmental Studies professor, and IRIS Senior Fellow, Peter Victor, in the article, "FES professor inducted into Club of Rome". Peter Victor is the former dean of York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies and is known as a leader in the field of environmental studies, specializing in ecological economics. He has recently become a member of the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome is a non-profit global think-tank that addresses a variety of international political issues, proposes practical solutions, and encourages public involvement. Members include scientists, economists, businessmen, and heads of state, all with the common concern for humanity and the environment, and represent more than 30 countries. Victor's most recognized achievements include the the publication of his 2008 book Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, not Disasterwhich focuses on alternatives to economic growth. 

The full article can be read on the YFile website here.

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