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Perry Sadorsky

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Schulich School of Business

Associate Professor, Schulich School of Business
Schulich School of Business, 348
Tel: 416-736-5068 (voicemail)
Tel: 416-736-2100 x77946

Research Interests
Specialization in modeling and simulation in economics and finance. Research interests include financial markets and the economy, energy economics and finance, corporate commitment to the natural environment, globalization, technology and international trade and finance.

Current Projects

  • Energy trading and risk management.
  • Financial markets and the economy.
  • Oil price risk.
  • Environmental policy and firm level management.

Selected Publications
Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2010) Can Environmental Sustainability be used to Manage Energy Price Risk? Energy Economics, in press

Sadorsky, P. (2010) The Impact of Financial Development on Energy Consumption in Emerging Economies, Energy Policy, in press

Darnall, N., Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2010) Adopting Proactive Environmental Strategy: The Influence of Stakeholders and Size, Journal of Management Studies, in press.

Sadorsky, P. (2009) Renewable Energy Consumption and Income in Emerging Economies, Energy Policy, 37, 10, 4021-4028.

Sadorsky, P. (2009) Renewable Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Oil prices in the G7 Countries, Energy Economics, 31, 3, 456-462.

Sadorsky, P. (2008) Assessing the Impact of Oil Prices on Firms of Different Sizes: Its Tough Being in the Middle, Energy Policy, 36, 10, 3854-3861.

Sadorsky, P. and M. D. McKenzie (2008) Power Transformation Models and Volatility Forecasting, Journal of Forecasting, 27, 7, 587-606.

Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2008) Oil Prices and the Stock Prices of Alternative Energy Companies, Energy Economics, 30, 3, 998-1010.

Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2008) Voluntary Environmental Programs: A Canadian Perspective, Policy Studies Journal, 36, 1, 143- 166.
This paper is also included in the edited book by deLeon, P. and J.E. Rivera (2010) Voluntary Environmental Programs, Lexington books, New York.

Sadorsky, P. (2008). The Oil Price Exposure of Global Oil Companies, Applied Financial Economics Letters, 4, 2, 93-96.

Darnall, N., Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2008) Do Environmental Management Systems Improve Business Performance in an International Setting? Journal of International Management, 14, 4, 364-376.

Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2007) Environmental Technical and Administrative Innovations in the Canadian Manufacturing Industry, Business Strategy and the Environment, 16, 119-132.

Henriques, I, and P. Sadorsky (2006) The Adoption of Environmental Management Practices in a Transition Economy, Comparative Economic Studies, 48, 4, 641-661.

Basher, S.A. and P. Sadorsky (2006) Oil Price Risk and Emerging Stock Markets, Global Finance Journal, 17, 2, 224-251.

Basher, S.A. and P. Sadorsky (2006) Day-Of-The-Week Effects In Emerging Stock Markets, Applied Economics Letters, 13, 10, 621-628.

Sadorsky, P. (2006) Modeling and Forecasting Petroleum Futures Volatility, Energy Economics, 28, 467-488.

Perry Sadorsky is an Associate Professor in the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto where he teaches business students at both the undergraduate and graduate (MBA) level. His current research interests include; energy and the natural environment, financial markets and the economy, corporate commitment to the natural environment, and, the relationship between business performance, innovation and sustainability. He has published extensively in these areas. He has been involved in several international organizations and international working groups. He is currently Treasurer of the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management.

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