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Jocelyn Martel

Archived Content


Associate Professor
Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, Glendon
York Hall-Main, 333
Tel: 416-736-2100 x88274 (voicemail)

Research Interests
Ecology. The ecology of the plant-herbivore relationship, more specifically the effects of environmental stress on defoliator insects through the host plant; biodiversity, pollution, agroecosystems, forests, urban areas and urban peripheries.

Selected Publications
Martel, J. and Kause, A. 2002. The phenological window of opportunity for early-season birch sawflies. Ecological Entomology 27: 302-307.

Lempa, K., Martel, J., Koricheva, J., Haukioja, E., Ossipov, V., Ossipova, S. and Pihlaja, K. 2000. Covariation of fluctuating asymmetry, herbivory and chemistry during birch leaf expansion. Oecologia 122: 354-360.

Martel, J., Lempa, K. and Haukioja, E. 1999. Effects of stress and rapid growth on fluctuating asymmetry and insect damage in birch leaves. Oikos 86: 208-216.

Martel, J. and Mauffette, Y. 1997. Lepidopteran communities in temperate deciduous forests affected by forest decline. Oikos 78: 48-56.

Martel, J. 1995. Seasonal variations in roadside conditions and the performance of a gall-forming insect and its food plant. Environmental Pollution 88 : 155-160.