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Janet Fishlock

Archived Content

Faculty of Environmental Studies

Contract Faculty
Senior Social Development Specialist rePlan
317 Adelaide St. West, 2nd Floor
Toronto Ontario M5V 1P9

Research Interests
Community organizing and development; business ethics and corporate social accountability; participatory planning and action research; development and post colonial theoretical perspectives.

Selected Publications
“Power Struggle in a Rural Project in Ghana” Janet Fishlock, published in A Casebook of Community Practice: Problems and Strategies, Edited by Bill Lee and Sarah Todd, CommonAct Press, 2006.

“Constraints and Opportunities for Social Development and Private Sector Cooperation: The Case of Resource-extraction Projects”, Janet Fishlock and Bill Lee, Social Development Issues, Spring 2004.

“A Glossary of Anti Oppressive Policy and Practice” Janet Fishlock, contributor. Edited by Bill Lee, Shelia Sammon, Gary Dumbrill. CommonAct Press, 2007.

“Critical Thinking/Critical Teaching (Assistant)” Janet Fishlock, CORE (York’s Newsletter on University Teaching) March 2005 Volume 14, Number 2.

Selected Presentations
“Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Social Development and Private Sector Cooperation in the International Mining Sector” Panel Chair and Presenter, Africa: International Development Panel, American Association of Geographers Conference (AAG), Boston, MA. April 2008.

“Conflict, Cooptation and Cooperation: Reflections on the Trend of Cooperation between Social Development and International Mining Companies in Sub-Saharan Africa” Panel Chair and Presenter, Canadian Association of Studies in International Development (CASID) Congress, York University, June 2006.

“Organizing for Health-The Case of Families Against Radiation Exposure (FARE) in Port Hope” Presenter at the Environmental Studies Association of Canada Conference (ESAC), York University, May 2006.

“Community Activism and Sustainability: Opportunities and Complications- the Port Hope example” Presenter at the York Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS) Seminar, York University, May 2005.

“Private Sector Resettlement Strategies and Mining in Ghana” Presenter at the Ethics, Development and Displacement Workshop (EDID Project), York Centre for Refugee Studies-Carleton University, Ottawa. October 2004.

A recent PhD graduate from York's Faculty of Environmental Studies, Janet focused her dissertation research on the emerging trend of collaboration between social development practitioners and the international resource extraction sector. Although continuing to teach at FES on a part-time contractual basis, she is also a senior associate with rePlan and its sister firm planningAlliance, Toronto based companies with planning and development projects across Canada and in more than 40 countries around the globe.