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James Ian MacLellan

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Dr. Jim MacLellan is currently a Research Fellow with the Adaptations and Impacts Research Section, of the Climate Research Division, of Environment Canada.  He also holds the position of Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University where he teaches a course on climate change adaptation.  Prior to this, his work experience has included both fighting forest fires in boreal forests of Northern Ontario, as well as brokering securities in the Government of Canada bond market.

For the past fifteen years though, Jim has focused his attention on the identification and facilitation of sustainable humanenvironmental future.  He has a broad background in ecology, sociology and economics, as well as a proficiency in computational procedures relating to, optimization, simulation, data management, and decision analysis.  Jim employs these tools and techniques, including ecosystem modeling, decision analysis and consultative methods to support his research into environmental decision-making over appropriate social and economic scales.

Jim has also taught, lectured and guest lectured internationally and throughout Canada, focusing on the pragmatic application of knowledge and techniques. Jim is currently co-developing the Rapid Adaptation Assessment for Climate Change (RAACC) which identifies climate change impacts, and structures the consideration of adaptationmitigation options.  RAACC represents a quick review of adaptation options for a specific region or sector. The approach seeks to develop a balance between stakeholder participation and quantitative analysis.