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Barbara Rahder

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Environmental Studies

Faculty of Environmental Studies
Tel: 416-736-2100 x22612 (voicemail)
Fax: 416-736-5679
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Barbara Rahder’s research focuses on planning for social justice and environmental sustainability. She is particularly interested in issues of equity and diversity in urban public space, including university campuses. She has taught a Bioregional Planning Workshop in FES focused several times on the sustainability of the York University campus.

Barbara has a BSc (Psychology) from Portland State University and an MSc and PhD (Urban & Regional Planning) from the University of Toronto.

Current Projects
Barbara is Principal Investigator on a SSHRC proposal along with colleagues from FES, Geography, and Social Work at York to examine issues of social sustainability, diversity, and urban public space in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.

Selected Publications
2009 “Invisible Sisters: Women and Environmental Justice in Canada.” In J. Agyeman, P. Cole, R. Haluza-DeLay, and P. O’Riley (eds.) Speaking for Ourselves: Environmental Justice in Canada. Vancouver: UBC Press. pp. 81-96.

2006 “The Crisis of Women’s Homelessness in Canada: Summary of the CERA Report.” Women & Environments International Magazine. No. 70/71, pp.38-39.

2005 with P. Wood. “Something Happened on the Way to the Future.” In J. McBride and A. Wilcox (eds.) uTOpia. Toronto: Coach House Books. pp. 238-242. (uTOpia received an honourable mention at the 2006 Toronto Book Awards.)

2004 with R. Milgrom. “The uncertain city: Making space(s) for difference.” Canadian Planning and Policy—Amenagement et politique le Canada. Vol. 13 No. 1, pp. 27–45.

2004 with C. Altilia. “Where is feminism in planning going: Appropriation or transformation?” Planning Theory. Vol. 3 No. 2, pp. 107–116.

2003 “An Environmental Framework for Women’s Health,” with Rebecca Peterson in Head, Heart and Hand: Partnerships for Women’s Health in Canadian Environments. Toronto: National Network on Environments and Women’s Health. pp.7–48.

2003 Review of C. Hartman. Between Eminence & Notoriety: Four Decades of Radical Urban Planning. (New Brunswick, NJ: Center for Urban Policy Research Press.), in Journal of the American Planning Association, Vol. 69, No.1, pp. 96–97.

2002 “Would the ‘Real’ Planners Please Stand Up?: A Special Section on Naming, Framing and Identity in Planning Education.” with Gerda Wekerle, Katharine Rankin, and Kanishka Goonewardena. Planners Network Magazine. No.152, pp.24–31.

2002 Just Doing It: Popular Collective Action in the Americas. (ed. with Gene Desfor and Deborah Barndt). Montreal: Black Rose Books. 193 pp.

2001 “Women’s Health and the City.” With Rebecca Peterson. Women and Environments International Magazine. No.50/51, pp. 31–32.

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