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Tatiana Koveshnikova

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Associate Fellow


Ms. Koveshnikova is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Studies at York University. Her current research in the area of sustainable transportation and energy focuses on understanding the process of decision-making and policy strategies that would lead to the technological regime shift to renewable transportation technologies in Canada and worldwide. Tatiana strongly believes that the fuel substitution approach is one of the most significant opportunities to enhance sustainability, reduce consumption of fossil fuels, and minimise emissions of pollutants and the creation of greenhouse gases.

Tatiana's other research interests include dynamic systems models and their application to sustainable development. Together with other IRIS members, Tatiana participated in the project to assess the economic, social and environmental benefits of cleaning up Hamilton Harbour. The study involved developing an integrated benefit assessment framework and dynamic model that can be used for other environmental clean-up projects.

Tatiana holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies from the Evergreen State College (Olympia, USA) and an Honours B.A. in Economics and Management from Samara State Aerospace University (Russia).