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Stuart Schoenfeld

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[photopress:schoenfeld.jpg,thumb,alignright]Sociology – Glendon

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Sociology, Glendon
York Hall – Main, C126
Tel: 416-736-2100 x88383 (voicemail)

Stuart’s training as a sociologist has encouraged a broad interest in the environment as an aspect of the crisis of late modernity. His research interests cover areas where environment, politics, economics and culture intersect, specifically around such topics as social movement theory and environmentalism, environmental security; economy and environment; environmental narratives, imagining sustainability; sustainable investment; and consumption reduction. He has become part of a Palestinian–Israeli–American–Canadian network on Middle East environmental issues, where his particular focus is on rthe social construction of environmental issues and environmental mobilization. Stuart is a member of the Windshare co-op.

Current Research Project: Regional Environmentalism in the Middle East.
The project began in the late 1990s, when global environmentalism was changing the way many people thought about the challenge of the future, and when political developments gave hope that there might be a chance for stable, peaceful relations in the Eastern Mediterranean. A network of Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians began to work towards a common understanding of issues of water, energy, waste, transportation, consumption, biodiversity and sustainable development, and to fashion a way of turning that common understanding into one of the elements for peace and human security in the region. The project continues to investigate the development of this network and other frameworks, such as the Arab Forum for Environment and Development and the Mediterranean Union, that produce knowledge and engage in regional social mobilization in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Click here for the website associated with the project.

Selected Publications
2010. “Environment and Human Security in the Eastern Mediterranean: Regional Environmentalism in the Reframing of Palestinian-Israeli-Jordanian Relations” in P. H. Liotta, David Mouat, Judith Lancaster, Bill Kepner and David Smith, eds. Achieving Environmental Security: Ecosystem Services and Human Welfare. Amsterdam: IOS Press.

2009. “Constructing an Adaptive Regional Vision of Water Development in the Jordan River Basin,” in Deborah Sandler and Clive Lipchin, eds., The Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin: Cooperation Amid Conflict. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Water Resources and Infrastructure in Areas of Conflict and Extreme Conditions. Berlin: Springer. (With Eric Abitbol)

2007 "Environmental Justice and Peacebuilding in the Middle East," Peace Review 19:371-379 (with Ilan Alleson).

2007 “Retelling the Story of Water in the Middle East.” Pp. 1-29 in Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant, Danielle Saranga and Allyson Amster eds., Integrated Water Management and Security in the Middle East. Berlin: Springer. (with Eric Abitbol and Francesca De Chatel)

2005 “Can We Help Peacebuilding by Shifting Frameworks? Some Issues in Cultivating a Regional Ecological Perspective in the Middle East.” Pp. 223-231 in Ryerson Christie and Elizabeth Dauphinee, eds., The Ethics of Building Peace in International Relations. Toronto: Centre for International and Security Studies, York University.

2005 Ed., Palestinian and Israeli Environmental Narratives: proceedings of a conference held in association with the Middle East Environmental Futures Project. Toronto: York University Centre for International and Security Studies.