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Call for Expressions of Interest The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise: A country-by-country analysis of responsible business and social entrepreneurship

Published October 15, 2013

by asma0805

Sustainable enterprise – including social responsibility, environmental management,
corporate citizenship, business ethics, social enterprise and green entrepreneurship – has, over the past decade, moved from the fringes to the mainstream. Sustainable enterprise has also evolved from being a largely Western, developed country phenomenon to being a diverse, ‘glocal’ practice, with rapid take-up and many exciting innovations coming from developing countries and economies in transition.Building on the foundation that was laid by The World Guide to CSR (2010), this new edited collection will bring together powerful summaries of the best academic research and practical
cases on sustainable enterprise from countries around the world. However, unlike The World Guide to CSR, the emphasis of the new volume will be on sustainable business and social entrepreneurship, rather than traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) and
philanthropic approaches. There will also be a stronger focus on case studies.

The book will select up to 100 country chapters (2,000 words each) and also have chapters for
8 regions (4,000 words each), including:
• Central, Eastern & Southern Asia
• Eastern & Southern Europe
• Northern & Central America & Caribbean
• Northern & Western Europe
• Northern Africa & Western Asia (Middle East)
• Oceania & South-Eastern Asia
• South America
• Sub-Saharan Africa

Each chapter of the book will include the following sections:

Section Description Word count
Word count
Regional or national context Introductory facts to provide an
500 250
Priority issues Data on economic, social and
environmental challenges
500 250
State and trends Research on sustainable
enterprise in the region/country
750 250
Policies Relevant regional or national
legislation and voluntary codes
750 250
Case studies or projects Up to five best practice cases
(national) or projects (regional)
1,000 750
Further resources Up to five business associations
active in sustainable enterprise
300 150
References Up to five recommended reports
or articles
200 100

The full timetable is as follows:
• Autumn 2013 – Submission of expressions of interest (by 31 October 2013)
• Winter 2013 – Selection of contributors (by 15 December 2013)
• Spring 2014 – Submission of first draft chapters (by 31 April 2014)
• Summer 2014 – Editors comments and requested revisions (by 31 August 2014)
• Autumn 2014 – Submission of revised chapters (by 31 October 2014)
• Winter 2014 – Finalisation of manuscript (by 15 December 2014)
• Spring 2015 – Publication and launch of book (by 31 April 2015)

Next Steps
If you believe that you are well placed to write a 4,000 word regional chapter or a 2,000 word country chapter, please send a short motivation statement (max. 250 words), one sample of your writing (chapter or article) and a CV (including a list of publications) to:

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