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Inclusion Day Conference

Published September 26, 2013

by asavatti

Inclusion Day Conference 
  EVERY_BODY: Rethinking the Bodies that Belong 
January 23, 2014, York University - Keele Campus

York University’s Centre for Human Rights is hosting its 5th annual Inclusion Day Conference. This one-day conference will include sessions where participants will have the opportunity to explore the concepts of inclusion and belonging through a human rights lens. 

Keynote speakers, session presenters and workshop facilitators will have the opportunity to engage attendees in critically analyzing notions of space and the bodies that are/are not included. We are inviting submissions that focus on human rights related areas, including but not limited to: 

·        Indigenous knowledge 
·        Intersectional identities 
·        Race and racialization 
·        Gender expression/expectations/performance 
·        (dis)Abilities
·        Religion/Spirituality 
·        Knowledge production and pedagogy 
·        Athletics as a culture 
·        Politics of Space 
·        Sexual orientation


Presenters may submit proposals for a 60 minute session in one of the following formats:  

·        Roundtable discussion 
·        Do-it-Yourself  (DIY) workshop 
·        Individual or panel presentation 
·        Interactive workshop 
·        Dialogue process 
·        Artistic/Creative presentation & discussion 

Proposals must be submitted no later than Thursday, November 29, 2013, either by: 
online submission: or email submission to: or  as a .doc or .pdf 

For more information or to request the proposal in an alternate format contact: 

Josephine Tcheng ( Advisor, Education & Communications, Centre for Human Rights | S327 Ross Building | York University | T: 416-736-5682 | TTY: 


Please see file below for registration. 

Call for Proposals 2014

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